Last modified: 14 October 2020
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Some time ago Howard Bloom made an analogy between bees and people. In a colony most bees will always look in the same known places for pollen. A small number of bees of the colony will explore other places for new supplies far away from their hive. Some of these bees will starve in their attempt but others will find new places and save the colony when known places to find pollen are exhausted. These exploring bees correspond to the visionaries and innovators of our society.

Innovation creates new business success and is also needed to sustain business over time. Due to globalization and an increasingly fast changing world innovation becomes more and more a key factor that determines our quality of live. Without innovation a business in the long term will be forced to compete by lowering prices to levels that can only be achieved by moving to other regions of the world that are more cost effective. For these regions this means more jobs, higher wages, an increase in economic growth and improvement of quality of live. For the regions left behind the need arises to avoid massive unemployment and sustain quality of live through innovation.

This web site was launched in December 2004 as a an initiative to get in contact with inventors and small startup companies in order to help them with their innovations and the creation of new business. In January 2006 it was decided to register the "Dutch Hive" as a limited company in Belgium that provides short and long term services to individuals and companies with innovating technologies, products or ideas. At this moment our activities mainly focus on the area of technical software development and consultancy in the field of Digital Television. We are however open minded to offer our services also in other areas that match or expand our expertise and competences.

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